New YYYY Emissions Source Testing Requirments

New YYYY Emissions Source Testing Requirements   We understand that the recent developments regarding the EPA’s 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart YYYY requirements may have you concerned. GAS Inc. is here to assure you that compliance is our expertise, and we’ve got you covered! What’s New with YYYY? After 18 years without MACT standard compliance, natural […]

What is LDAR?

What is LDAR? Leak Detection and Repair, commonly referred to as LDAR, is a thorough framework consisting of multiple procedures designed to identify the origin, magnitude, and whereabouts of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from a particular operation. LDAR programs do not follow a universal approach; instead, they necessitate tailored methodologies, often incorporating various […]

Exploring Stack Testing and Its Role in Air Quality

Exploring Stack Testing and Its Role in Air Quality An Introduction to Stack Testing Stack testing, also known as source testing, is a specialized process used to measure the amount of specific pollutants being emitted from a source, such as a smokestack. This process is crucial in industries where harmful emissions could be produced, such […]

The Importance of Air Quality and Effective Policy-Making for a Better Oklahoma

The Importance of Air Quality and Effective Policy-Making for a Better Oklahoma As an Oklahoma House member, I am acutely aware of the significance of air quality and its impact on our state. Recent events, such as the Canadian wildfires affecting air quality in New York City, serve as a reminder that we often overlook […]

Navigating EPA Guidelines for Stack Testing (JJJJ)

Navigating EPA Guidelines for Stack Testing (JJJJ) and 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart JJJJ: Staying Compliant and Avoiding Costly Penalties   For industrial facilities, complying with air quality standards is not just an ethical responsibility but also a legal obligation. Stack testing serves as a vital tool in assessing compliance, and understanding the Environmental Protection […]

Cheap Compliance will Cost You

“Compliance isn’t cheap, while cheap pricing normally isn’t compliant” – Jordan Williamson Today’s oil and gas industry faces increasing pressure to cut costs and maintain profitability. As a result, environmental teams often struggle to choose a reliable stack testing provider that ensures compliance. Great Plains Analytical Services (GAS) is a leading provider with extensive experience […]

EPA Grants GAS Alternative Method

Making FTIR Testing Better with Great Plains Analytical Services (GAS) Introduction In the oil and gas testing world, it’s important to keep improving. Great Plains Analytical Services (GAS) works hard to make testing methods better for our clients. We recently asked to change a popular test method, ASTM D6348-03. EPA Grants GAS an Alternative Method, […]