Oil & gas production sites often include multiple combustion sources which may require stack testing. To determine whether an engine must be stack tested, the following information is needed:

  • Type of Compression
  • Horsepower Rating
  • Manufacture Date
  • Type of Burn (Rich v. Lean)  *these numbers differ for the EPA vs. TCEQ
  • Is the Engine in question Portable, Stationary, or Emergency?
  • Is the Engine located in an Attainment or non-Attainment County?
  • Is the Engine a Major or Minor Source?
  • Is the Engine used for Utility Electric Generation or is it  used for Industrial/Commercial practices?

Great Plain Analytical Services is prepared to meet your emission needs. We are multi-staffed and have well-equipped and trained employees in locations across Oklahoma and Texas. We follow the proved procedures and test methods set up by the EPA and your state agencies. The following is a list of those procedures: